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Start of Our Journey

Pacific Coast Highway 1
is a narrow, twisty, curvy road that runs along the California coast from San Diego to just north of San Francisco. We have 10 days to make the journey. We are hoping to get as far as San Francisco but will see how far our journey takes us.

We start in San Diego with two nights at the beach. We may go to Sea World but haven't decided yet. Suppose we will know when we get there?

Other spots that we plan on visiting along the way are Solvang (the Danish community) Winchester Mansion (the home of the Winchester rifle heiress with stairs to the ceiling and windows in the floor) and if we make it as far as San Francisco...Alcatraz.

There are sections on this site for photo albums, information on the places that we stay and also info on what we did each day.

So sit back, look around, and enjoy our trip with us.

I am going to try to update this site daily but that really depends on where we stay and if there is internet access there. Pictures will be updated as often as possible also.

Below is a preview of what we have been doing.
Each day a new picture will be added.

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Daily Statistics

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Hotel Information
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Hotel Information

Sightseeing Information
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Sightseeing Information

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